Bringing data to life

Welcome to the Power BI Design Studio.

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We turn complex analytics into visualizations that are approachable, exacting and intuitive. For everyone.

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Our approach

01 Collaboration over competition.

02 Details are everything.

03 We’re never done.

04 The frontier is our home.

Making compelling products with attractive design and a fluid experience is no easy feat. We work hard and we fail fast. Learning is part of the journey. We believe in being kind to our fellow user.

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we collaborate and we change

Many companies have attempted to promote innovation through competition. Here at Power BI, we’re about the team, not the individual. As a result, we treat ideas and design with an open hand. We ask and we learn. We’re down with groups.

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The team

05 Diverse, Unafraid, Disciplined

Designers. Developers. Researchers. Engineers. What do we all have in common? We are fearless, disciplined creators. Our challenges can be intimidating and frustrating, but we strive to solve them through cross disciplinary collaboration. Like we said, we’re better together.

Meet the team
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What it’s all about

06 Experience your data. Any data, any way, anywhere.

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Our history

07 We strive to provide the power of software to everyone.

Here at Microsoft, we build software that millions of people around the globe rely on everyday. Our products have won the trust of users. As the Power BI Team, we are committed to continuing that legacy.